Do you want to rent a house?

Do you want to rent a house?

24. 4. 2021 Vyp Od

There is this sphere of myths and legends concerning renters and tenants. It’s a complicated relationship and you can’t get away from the complexity of it by any chance – it’s more about the people and not the laws. You can actually get a pair of nice paying couples that will even improve the apartment or flat you are renting out, or you might get a tenant that will destroy everything in his path, and that’s the downside. IN both cases, there is always a certain law or something like that will help you out, but you still have to count in years before all the damages are undone.


  1. Not paying rent

Many people do not pay rent and even if they do, insufficiently. What does that mean? That means that you need to be aware of this. You have to be forgiving in exceptional situations and under rare circumstances, but you also have to be ruthless when the irregularities become regular. You are doing business here, you want to make money, never forget that. You are not a charity.


  1. Fixing damages

Sometimes it can happen as vis major just strikes down and destroys the property or its part. But more often it is the tenant that damages the property. You have to be really careful who you are letting use your apartment or flat. Be picky. You have all the rights. Try to ask around if somebody knows him or maybe even ask the potential tenant about where he was before and ask there. ALways settle everything with a written word, never get away with promises and anything like that. And when damages occur, you need to act fast.


Although risky, renting out an apartment or flat can be really rewarding and is definitely worth it. Beachfront villa Marbella for sale is the place where you should start with your investment, be smart and let yourself be guided by an experienced businesswoman who knows her way around.

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